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    Low-E glass is also called radiant glass, it is the film product whose surface is plated with multi-layer metal or other compounds. The coating layer has the characteristics of high transmittance of visible light and high reflection of the middle and far infrared rays, so it is of excellent thermal insulation effect and good light transmittance compared with common traditional building coated glass.

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Variety and Property

Online Low-E glass has a good processing performance, which can be transported, stored, tempered, hot-bending and laminated as ordinary glass, The delivery and patch are also convenient.

Because of the constraints of offline Low-E glass crafts and glass film structure, it can not have monolithic use, can not be late tempered, laminated, even produce hot-bending glass. And offline Low-E glass can't exist independently in the air, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of the patch in construction industry.

Film Stability

Online Low-E Glass is produced in float glass tin bath, at this time the temperature is relatively high so it can maintain a fresh state and good reactivity, the film is very strong by combining the chemical bond with glass. In addition, it is composed of semiconductor oxide, which has a good chemical stability and a higher hardness than the glass body, so the film is termed as "Rigid Film".

Offline Low-E glass is used magnetron sputtering process, single silver or double silver functional film is formed on the surface of the glass. The two sides of the silver should be coupled with a multilayer dielectric film. This film has poor firmness and the silver is easily oxidized, which belongs to the "Soft Film". Offline Low-E glass should be processed to hollow glass in a short time, and the edge of the film should be removed in the composition process. Due to the weak respiration of hollow glass, water vapor, sulfide, oxide can enter the cavity easily, leading to the gradual loss of thermal insulation performance and discoloration in the appearance of offline Low-E glass, so it must be processed into hollow glass in a very short period of time. With this feature shelf life of the best product sold by the current offline manufacturers is only 10 years.

Energy Saving and Durability

Online Low-E glass is used stannic oxide semiconductor film layer, the radiation rate of the glass is 0.10 to 0.20. Because of good chemical stability of stannic oxide semiconductor layer, it can keep the low radiation rate and heat transfer coefficient K value unchanged forever. Due to the good stability of the film layer,the performance of online Low-E glass can never decay whether used single or combined with hollow glass.

Offline Low-E glass is used metallic silver as functional radiation film of far infrared thermal radiation, its initial rate can reach 0.1 to 0.15, which is similar to offline heat transfer coefficient K value at the beginning. But the contaction between silver and micro-sulfur and oxygen in the air will occur chemical reaction, once the film has slight oxidation, its radiation rate will be significantly large, thus leading to the increase of heat transfer coefficient K value in the glass, meanwhile, its thermal insulation performance becomes bad, if too serious, it can even cause the discoloration of glass film.

Hebei Yingxin Glass Group Co.,Ltd has invested over 300 million in 2008, after more than 3 years' technological improvement, equipment installation and debugging, online Low-E coated glass finally achieved success in October, 2011. Yingxin Group is the first one to have online Low-E coating technology in the national private enterprises, and the various indexes of resistance, aberration, haze are up to or higher than the national  standard.

Aberration: the national standard is lower than 2.5, our product is lower than 2.

Haze: the national standard is 1, our product is about 0.5.

Transmittance: the national standard is higher than 80%, our product is higher than 95%.

Block resistance: the national standard is about 23, our product is lower than 20.

Besides, other indexes of acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, abrasive-resistance and so on are all up to the national standard.

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Offline Low-E Glass

    Offline Low-E glass is in the specialized production line, with the method of vacuum magnetron sputtering, made of by evenly coating metallic silver (Ag) which has very low radiation rate and other metal, metal compounds on the glass surface, This glass consists of at least four layers of film, pure silver film is between the two film layers of metal oxide. The metal oxide film is to provide protection to the pure silver film, and to increase color purity and light transmittance as a middle layer between the film.

    Offline Low-E glass is of great variety, it can be used to make products of high, middle, low transmittance and various color according to different climate characteristics, this product can adjust transmittance, reflectance and other parameters, Meanwhile, the film layer is more even, the color is more natural and it can show different visual effects at different weather.

    Offline Low-E glass is mainly made of tempered hollow glass which is used  in commercial buildings and other high-grade buildings.

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