National Day Sports Event Held by the Headquarter

【Supplied by the headquarter】In order to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, the company held National Day Sports Event on October 1st and 2nd. The competition items were the long-distance race(3000 meters, 6000 meters), tug-of-war, the 100-meter race, rope skipping, badminton, table tennis, darts throwing such eight items.

        At 5:40 on October 1st, over 100 cadre staff and over 50 running lovers of Shahe Running Association gathered at the junction between Airport Road and Donghuan Road. At 6:00, Chairman Zhao Shijun made a speech on asking cadre staff to strengthen physical exercise, have a good physique and cultivate unremittingly, brave spirit. At 6:05, with a whistle, the players ran away like an arrow, the vigorous figure of them all seemed determined to win the final success. The champion, the second place and the third place of men's and women's different age groups were selected at the end of the competition. Chairman Zhao Shijun made outstanding achievements in men's 6000 meters race. At 7:50, all the staff of logistics department took part in the solemn flag-raising ceremony held in front of the office building.

        At 8:30 a.m. on October 1st, six teams gathered at the ground in front of the office building to take part in tug-of-war competition, the players all had strong bodies and were full of confidence, when the game started, they held the long  rope tightly, pulling back with all strength, besides, the cheerleaders kept on shouting "fighting!" the sound of whistle and cheering rised here and subsided there. Finally, Branch Three and Four won the first place, Power Maintenance Department was the second, while Warehousing Department was the third.

        Then the company held rope skipping, darts throwing, the 100-meter race, badminton, table tennis successively. In the competition guard, the competitors strived hard and helped each other, outside the guard, the cheerleaders showed high enthusiasm to cheer them up!

        National Day Sports Event greatly enriches employees' amateur cultural life, it trains their working spirits of brave, unremittingly and hard-working, it can also enhance their physique to lay a good foundation of their own jobs.