Emergency Rescue of Militia Reserve in Yingxin Group Rushing into the Flood Line

【Supplied by the headquarter】From July 19th, heavy rain hit Shahe City, which caused urban waterlogging, torrential flood bursting, traffic congestion, some villages were in poor communication, the disaster was very serious.

Zhuzhuang Reservoir released flood water on July 20th, by the end of 4:00 p.m.on July 21st, the dam along the south of Steel Railway Bridge had the risk of inrushing, the situation was of great emergency. With the unified  arrangement of Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Goverment and City People's Armed Forces, Emergency Rescue of Militia Reserve in Yingxin Group gathered at 7:30 a.m.on July 22nd, rushing into the flood line under the leadership of Yang Shukui, Deputy General Manager of the company; Chen Yanping, Secretary of Enterprise Management Department and Lv Jianxia, Secretary of Human Resource Department. They were together with the armed polices, resisting high temperature, packing and loading sandbags, plugging the gap with their own spades. After more than 10 hours' hard working, a protection embankment was built in the roaring waves flood, which effectively prevent the wanton erosion of flood, protect the dam safety, the emergency rescure achieved affirmation and praise from the leaders of City People's Armed Forces.

 At 3:00 p.m., Deputy Chairman of Yingxin Group, Zhaolin, Han Jinshu and other leaders went to the flood line, carrying 50 boxes of Green Tea, more than 500 towels, over 100 boxes of mineral water and so on to greet the militia reserve in Yingxin Group, armed police, navy officers and soldiers who was fighting in the flood line.

 The flood fighting, fully demonstrates the spirit of "Especially to endure hardship, Especially to fight, Especially to dedicate" in Yingxin Group. The main flood season is approaching, this task is still arduous, Militia Reserve will be unity and work hard as in the past, not only to protect the plant safety during the flood season, but to make the greatest contributions to ensure the safety of people in Shahe City by responding positively to the call of Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and City People's Armed Forces.