May Day Sports Meeting Held Successfully by Jilin Yingxin Glass Co.,Ltd

【Supplied by Jilin Yingxin Glass Co.,Ltd, the subordinate company】On May 1st, 2016, Jilin Yingxin Glass Co.,Ltd succesfully held May Day Sports Meeting.

 At 5:45 in the morning, over 100 players gathered at the front door of the company, Li Jianchun, General Manager of Jilin Yingxin Glass Co.,Ltd, made a speech before the game, hoping all cadre staff take part in sports games actively, building up a good physique and wishing every players obtain satisfactory results through fair competition. At 6:00, the running race started officially, the players were all in high spirits, sprinting to the finish line in vigorous strides.

  At the beginning of 8:30 a.m.,the company held tug-of -war competition and darts throwing match successively and held badminton, table tennis in the afternoon. The scene was lively and exciting and the competition was fierce, the players fully showed the competetive state and good mental outlooks of Yingxin Group. After intense and exciting competition, the first, second and third grade all had its owners.

     This May Day Sports Meeting not only enriches amateur cultural life of all the staff, but inspires tenacious struggle will and hardworking spirit of Yingxin Group, further strengthen the physique of cadre staff and lay a good foundation of their own jobs.