The Successful Completion of the Fire Drill of Security Department in April

【Supplied by the headquarter】On April 9th, all the staff of security department in the headquarter of Yingxin Group organized fire emergency safety drill which is based on" Safety Development, Prevention First" in the front of the apartment building in the morning.

This drill served Li Junhong, the security chief as commander in chief, firstly he made fire safety knowledge training for employees, from safety work in daily lives, to usage method of fire-fighting equipment, explained and demonstrated for the employees one by one, thus adding the essential knowledge that some employees lack of on fire safety and had a good effect.

The main contents of this drill are: explaining fire extinguishing method when fire accident happens, briefing on the layout of fire facilities in the company; demonstrating the use of fire-fighting equipment, and organizing actual operation.

We all have the duty to do fire work, we should start from ourselves, from small things, from the usual and consciously safeguard the fire safety. We should not damage the fire facilities; not bury or occupy hydrant; not occupy fire spacing and not block the fire channel. When you find a fire, you should call the police immediately, provide convenience for the police without pay and should not obstruct the alarm. Only in this way can we educe the loss of fire more effectively and make people's lives and property more secure and safe.