Leaders' Concern for Donation of Yingxin Group's Volunteer Zhao Xushao to Shanghai Leukemia Patient

    【Supplied by the Headquarter】Zhao Xuchao, who was born in 1985, is an employee of Branch Tree or Four of Yingxin Group in Shahe City. In June, 2015, he participated in an activity of volunteer donating bone marrow storage organized by Xingtai City, officially became a hematopoietic stem cell donor volunteers. On November 5th, 2015, after only four months, he received a phone which says the match is successful. "I must donate this time" he agreed with no hesitation at working time. and immediately carried out a high-resolution, detection and health examination, all went well smoothly.

On January 29th, Zhao Xuchao successfully donated hematopoietic stem cell to a two-year-old Leukemia patients from Shanghai City in the second hospital of Hebei Medical University. It is reported that Zhao Xuchao is the first volunteer in our province to use "oral swab" technology to collect blood stem cells, and the 278 cases of successful donor marrow donors in the whole province.

Leaders of Hebei Yingxin Group attached great importance to Zhao Xuchao's kindness, on the afternoon of February 3rd, 2016, Vice Chairman Zhao Lin, Deputy General Manager Yang Shukui and other leaders visited him in the production line, and sent rice, oil, noodles and other gifts. Comrade Zhao Lin said that the spirit of selfless dedication of you worth every cadre staff to learn, you win glory for our Yingxin Group! I hope that the majority of cadre staff not only use the spirit of" especially endure hardship, especially dedication, especially fighting," to the job, but also to reflect it in society.