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Chairman Message

Yingxin, a resounding name;

Yingxin, a vigorous team;

Yingxin, a brand full of  innovation;

Yingxin, a fertile ground to help you grow.

Yingxin give you a stage to display talents into full play;

Yingxin give you a chance to be hopeful and successful;

Yingxin give you an opportunity, hoping you seize it and meet the challenge!    

Welcome to join Yingxin Group! Wish you to be with other employees together, having the spirit of dedication and love, abiding by the duties, being united, sincerely dedicated,to strive for creating the brand of Yingxin, ensuring customers' satisfaction, building first-class enterprise and having a wonderful future!

The immense sea allows fish to leap at liberty, the vast sky lets birds fly freely.

Wish you live up to the expectations and have a successful career!

Board Chairman

                             Zhao Shijun

General Manager